Hockey 4 Life 2019 Charities

Cultivate Culinary


Renewing Hope One Meal at a Time

Cultivate Culinary School & Catering is devoted to ending the cycle of joblessness, and hunger in the local communities of Northern Indiana by providing a food rescue service and job training in the culinary arts.  More than 100,000 people in Michiana are foot-insecure.  Generous donations like yours help provide life-saving meals to food-insecure families in our  so that no was to go to bed hungry.



About Michiana Performing and Adaptive Arts Community

Michiana Performing and Adaptive Arts Community’s (MPAAAC) mission is to build an inclusive performing arts school in the greater South Bend area that caters to many performer’s ability.

Michiana Performing and Adaptive Arts Community believes in helping students of ANY ability find their performance and artistic expressions through traditional and adaptive means.  MPAAAC believes in the power of artists and community working together.  Our special needs community are critically underrepresented in the performing arts.

MPAAAC expands upon the work of Ms. Jetta Cruse.  While performance and art education are the goals, Ms. Jetta believes in relationship-based education where the emphasis is on teach the person, allowing interest in the subject to follow.  She has seen firsthand the benefits that artistic expression has brought her students.  Personal development while learning a skill makes this a more therapeutic form of music instruction.  She notes, “It’s a powerful force that isn’t easily explained; I just know it works!  The magic really happens when I see students’ faces light up becasue they’ve been able to express themselves through their performances and people paid attention to them in a positive way.”